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YP Super Bowl for a Cause

  1. Click any empty square below to claim that square.
  2. Complete all required information to confirm your square.
  3. After all squares have been claimed, the administrator of this game will tell the system to randomly assign numbers (0-9 for each team) to the squares.
  4. Winning squares will turn green based on the selected scoring method for your game.
  5. Check back during your game to determine if you have won.
Scoring Method: Squares - Score of each quarterdetails
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Numbers assigned to top and side Cincinnati
3 0 7 8 6 4 5 2 1 9
Los Angeles R
3 Catherine Jones Katie Nehl Meghan Karch Joe Bitz Patty Olson Stephanie Hauge Becca Pelkey Taylor Skoog Nicole Gabel Patty Olson
9 Serena Nichols Dean Johs Denise Osmond Tessa Blend Cindy Kottsick Crystal Parker Izabelle Parker Breck Hendrickson Jane Link Shae Helling
4 Meghan Karch Joe Bitz Becca Pelkey Nicole Gabel Nicole Gabel Brianna Fleck Abbigail Stroh Ashley Heule Mallory Westby Nicole Gabel
7 Taylor Skoog Shae Helling Nicole Gabel Billy Longmire Joe Bitz Serena Nichols Alyssa Kroshus Cindy Kottsick Kottsick Taylor Skoog Catherine Jones
2 Ashley Heule Joe Bitz Meghan Karch Dean Johs Kenzie Meide Billy Longmire Jane Link Mallory Westby Shae Helling Nicole Gabel
5 Becca Pelkey Jamie Jackson Nicole Gabel Cindy Kottsick Stephanie Hauge Joe Bitz Brianna Fleck Catherine Jones Ashley Heule Jamie Jackson
8 Abbigail Stroh Nicole Gabel Brianna Fleck Mike Serena Nichols Nicole Gabel Meghan Karch Taylor Skoog Dean Johs Cindy Kottsick Jane Link
1 John Zimmerman Alyssa Kroshus Jamie Jackson Nicole Gabel Brianna Fleck Nicole Gabel Mallory Westby Krista Williams Nicole Gabel Taylor Skoog
6 Serena Nichols Taylor Skoog Nicole Gabel Katie Nehl Jamie Jackson Tessa Blend Nicole Gabel Shae Helling Denise Osmond Dean Johs
0 Patty Olson Catherine Jones Ashley Heule Mallory Westby Jane Link Shae Helling Becca Pelkey Catherine Jones Caleb Meide Patty Olson
Numbers have been assigned to squares. Please contact the pool admin to claim a square.
SN: asxljw