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2019 NFL Survivor / Streak Office Pool

NFL Survivor / Streak Office Pool

Try out our new survivor / streak style pool.

Traditional Survivor Pools and Streak Pools

Survivor type pools differ from Streak pools in that when players make a wrong pick, they are out of the survivor pool. If/when players make a wrong pick in a streak pool, then they can still make picks the following week, because the point is to get the longest streak of correct picks.

The Streak - How It Works

  • Pick one team each week that you think will win their game
  • IMPORTANT: You are not allowed to pick the same team twice during the contest
  • If your selection is correct for the week, you get 1 point
  • Each consecutive week you make a correct pick, your streak continues and you get another point
  • If the team you pick loses, your current streak is over
  • PLAY AGAIN: Don't worry if your streak ends - you can come back the following week to try and start a new streak (just remember that you can't use any of the teams you've already picked during the contest)
  • The leader board will keep track of your longest streak
Pools are Free

Optional Upgrades Available

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Create your NFL Survivor / Streak pool

Choose the games you want:
 NFL Survivor/Streak Regular Season 2019 (Weeks 1-17)

 NFL Survivor/Streak Regular Season (Fri-Mon Games Only)

 NFL Survivor/Streak Regular Season 2019 (Weeks 2-18)

 NFL Survivor/Streak Regular Season 2019 (Weeks 3-18)

 NFL Survivor/Streak Regular Season 2019 (Weeks 4-18)

 NFL Survivor/Streak Regular Season 2019 (Weeks 5-18)

Feature highlights:

  • Commissioners can customize picks deadlines
  • Commissioners can edit anyone's picks at any time
  • Players can view everyone's picks (after picks deadline)
  • Players can add additional sets of picks

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