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We are available for interviews. We have been interviewed on live radio as well as for print.

We are fun and intelligent on such subjects as March Madness, NFL Pick-em pools and the like.

Topic ideas include:

  • Number of people participating worldwide
  • What's the best way to make your picks
  • Money placed on bets for office and bar pools
  • Estimated gambling dollars


  • 850 KOA Radio : Live on-air interview for Denver's #1 rated morning news show.

    Interviewers: Alan Roach, April Zesbaugh and Steve Kelly
    Special Thanks to Dave Jeffress for putting this together.
    Interviewee: Jonathan Harris

    Here's the interview from March 16, 2005: mp3 format (2.44 MB, approximately 2:30 minutes)


  • Sacramento Bee Newspaper : Lead March Madness article on the cover of the Sports section for Selection Sunday.

    Author: Sam Amick
    Interviewee: Jonathan Harris

    Article from March 13, 2005 (registration required)

    Here's the quote from the article:

    Agony, ecstacy and bracket madness **************************
    OK, back to the basics.

    Jonathan Harris, a UC Davis graduate who runs the Web site from his Placerville home, says taking part in more than one pool can multiply the odds and the fun.

    "I try to hedge my bets," said Harris, a computer programmer who estimates that 50,000 March Madness pools will be run through his site this month. "I have different teams in different pools. But that makes it hard to root because I'm so torn."

  • SN: asxljw