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2020 Nascar Pickem Pool

Nascar Pickem Pools

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The NASCAR Cup Series starts: Monday, February 17, 2020

We offer unique pickem-style Nascar pools for the entire 2020 season.

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 NASCAR Full Season 2020

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2020 NASCAR Cup Series Pick'em

 NASCAR Full Season 2020

Feature highlights:

  • Commissioners can edit anyone's picks at any time
  • Players can view everyone's picks (after picks deadline)
  • Players can add additional sets of picks

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What It Is

Challenge you and your friends' knowledge of NASCAR. See who can correctly pick the Top 10 drivers for each race.

Make your prediction of the Top 10 NASCAR drivers each race. Accrue points based on Top 10 finishers.

Get full points for exact placings and partial points for other Top 10 finishers.


The object of the game is to get the most points each race and for the entire season.


  • You and your buddies make your predictions before each race.
  • When the official results are posted, we'll calculate your scores.
  • You and your buddies check the site to see how you did.


We offer 3 scoring options for this NASCAR Pick-em game:
  • 10 points per exact pick
  • 10 points per exact pick and 3 points for non-exact picks that finish in the Top 10
  • Sliding Points Scale


10 points per exact pick

» 10 points per exact pick


10 points per exact pick; 3 points for partials

» Exact pick = 10 points
» ĽNon-exact pick, but, competitor places in top 10 = 3 points


Sliding Points Scale

» Full Points for an exact pick
» Partial Points for a non-exact pick


Details of how the sliding points scale works:
» Full Points for an exact pick:
You'll get the full 10 points for each exact pick. Example: You pick Matt Kenseth to come in 3rd, and Matt finishes in 3rd place, so, you get 10 points for that pick.


» Partial Points for a non-exact pick:
You'll get partial points for each of your picks that finish in the Top 10. The formula is as follows:

10 (Full Points) minus (-) the difference between your pick and the actual placing of that driver.

Example: You pick Jeff Gordon to finish in 4th place. Jeff Gordon actually finishes in 2nd place. So, 4th place minus (-) 2nd place is 2, (4 - 2 = 2), which is the difference between your pick and the placing of that driver. Your score for that pick would be 8 points, (10 - 2 = 8).


Tie Breaker:

Tie Breaker: Average Speed of the Winner ( mph)

Scoring Example


The Daytona 500 is on Monday, February 17, 2020.


You choose how many races to compare, for the season standings.

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