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Create a Pool for 2021 NFL Draft 1st Round - Top 10

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Scoring Options

Select only 1
 10 points per exact pick

» 10 points per exact pick
 10 points per exact pick; 3 points for partials

»Exact pick = 10 points

»Non-exact pick, but, competitor places in top 10 = 3 points
 Sliding Points Scale

» Full Points for an exact pick:
You'll get the full 10 points for each exact pick. Example: You pick John Doe to come in 3rd, and John Doe finishes in 3rd place, so, you get 10 points for that pick.
» Partial Points for a non-exact pick:
You'll get partial points for each of your picks that finish in the Top 10. The formula is as follows:
10 (Full Points) minus (-) the difference between your pick and the actual placing of that driver.
Example: You pick John Doe to finish in 4th place. John Doe actually finishes in 2nd place. So, 4th place minus (-) 2nd place is 2, (4 - 2 = 2), which is the difference between your pick and the contestant's actual placing. Your score for that pick would be 8 points, (10 - 2 = 8).

Bonus Point Scoring Options

No bonus scoring options are available for this pool.

Tie Breaker:

How many trades will occur during the first round?

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SN: 69awyx